All You Need To Know Before Trying Anal Sex

Trying new things in bed is always great, and if you both agree on anal sex, that’s just perfect. Nobody should tell you it’s wrong as long as you both enjoy it. However, anal sex is often taboo, especially in some cultures, and nobody is asking for tips without feeling embarrassed. That’s why I wrote this article; it’s meant to be a private and fully instructional way to give you all the helpful tips you need to enjoy anal sex with your partner.

Anal sex might feel different or awkward at first, but it can be an impressively enjoyable practice if you get used to it. Around the anus and in the first half there are nerve endings that could easily trigger a maximum pleasure, but you need to take care of a few things. First off, starting slowly is the best way to do it, only when your partner is fully aroused. You need proper anal dilation, which is not always easy, and it will only happen if you go slowly, especially if this is her first time.

Lubricating the area is not optional. It is essential because there’s no natural lubrication in the anus and rectum. Make her feel comfortable, encourage her and never force yourself to her because she should feel confident and calm. Otherwise, it won’t work. Sometimes, sex toys might help to get used to the sensation before doing it yourself.

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It might take you a few sessions to get used to anal sex, and that’s entirely normal. She should know that, similar to her first vaginal sex; it might feel uncomfortable and even hurt at first. But as time passes, it will be easier to enjoy it. However, always keep attentive and listen to her, ask her if everything’s fine from time to time.

It is very important to protect yourself when trying anal sex. Anal sex is a very easy way to contract several sexually transmitted diseases because during intercourse there are several microscopic bleedings in the rectum area, and you could get and pass on everything, from chlamydia to HIV. So, it’s good advice to use a condom, especially if you’re planning to continue with vaginal sex afterward.

Now you read this; it might seem so obvious. But in practice, when you’re aroused and do not think straight, you might give her a vaginal infection if you don’t change or remove your condom after anal sex. It happens, especially when you are not fully informed beforehand.

Finally, my last piece of advice is to be fully open in the event there’s some accident. Do not make her feel embarrassed if you stick it out and there’s a foul smell or something even worse. It happens sometimes, and if you make her feel comfortable, she won’t reject you next time you want to try. To avoid these accidents, she might have to increase her fiber consumption in her diet. That will help her increase her bowel movements and prevent unexpected visitors.

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